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Our new hall!


To check availability or to make a booking on Hallmaster click below

Booking Instructions, Terms and Conditions and information on Alcohol Use are below.


The first time you try to request a booking via Hallmaster, you will need to register. You will then be sent a password, which will enable you to log in to your account.


If you go straight to the Create Booking page, you will have to add yourself as a customer first before the booking can be accepted.  If you try to request a new booking and are told that your email address is already registered, please use the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ link to get a password. This will then enable you to log in.

For more information on how to use the system, please see the Hallmaster Public User Guide.

Via the system, you can book the Walnut Room or the Chestnut Room or the whole hall.  If you would like to book the whole hall, just select either Chestnut or Walnut Room, click on the + in the right hand corner of the date you want to book and then select Chestnut and Walnut Rooms in the Create Booking page.

If you would like help or advice with making your booking, please email us at:


All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions which you can read here. Please note, it is the hirers responsibility to set up, organise their event themselves, put back the tables and chairs at the end of their hire into the store room and leave the hall, kitchen, and all other areas of hire in good condition. 


All hire costs will have to be settled before picking up the keys to the hall and set up time will also have to be paid for.


Hirers will be required to turn loud music off by 11pm as the hall is situated in a residential area and vacate the hall and grounds by midnight on a Friday and Saturday night.  


Please be aware that the kitchen will also be accessible to all hall users - please speak to the bookings secretary if this will be a problem for your event or meeting.



If you are organising a temporary event and want to serve or sell alcohol, provide late-night refreshment, or put on regulated entertainment, you might need to complete a temporary event notice (TEN). You can find out more and apply for this quickly and easily on the Bucks County Council website.

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